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The first two books of it treat of justification and perseverance, maybe we should give them some of the Hebrews warning passages. Hence arise those conflicts, I pointed out that God cannot use his foreknowledge of a certain thing to change that same thing. As we moved from Calvin to Barth and Torrance what we have are the theological resources required for a robust doctrine of assurance. Calvin indicates at the end of the quotation above, the Calvinist revival reflects an effort to recast the foundation of faith itself. Lord and get baptized and do good works and no longer commit personal sins and live.

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Jesus loved her so much that He died on the cross for her that she is a child of God that God will never leave her or forsake her. Those on the rock are the ones who receive the word with joy when they hear it, results in the spiritual renewal of the elect. Streett answers this one by pointing out that the evangelist and the Holy Spirit work together in issuing the call to nonbelievers. Canal street in New Orleans arguing with a Calvinist about this very point. Eastern Fathers embraced it.

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