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So to follow up on what we saw, you asked the attorney general questions getting at how he made his decision that there was not sufficient evidence to charge President Trump with obstruction of justice.

Well, Kevin, I guess these people are more upset about the election than you are. Speaker Pelosi is now sitting on the articles she claimed were so very urgent. In a move that is all but impossible to label as anything but partisan, the White House has blocked their top infectious disease expert, Dr. You want weak regulatory agencies.

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Now Trump wants to impose a gag order to stop Fauci from testifying to Congress. And there are no signs that the blatant partisan hypocrisy will not go forward. They were not delivered the next day. Democrats in seeking his testimony. Judge Jackson rejected that argument.

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White House Blocks Fauci from testifying before House, but Senate appears to be OK. Suspicion, however, will not go away simply because investigation is difficult. So first, let me say, why do I think outside forces are here pulling strings? The Senate Health Committee held a hearing to discuss lessons learned from the coronavirus response and future pandemic preparedness efforts. Federalist Society, on his address, he writes back, yes, send it to the Judicial Education Project, which could take and allocate the money. White House chief of staff Mark Meadows. And then on Friday Congress went home.

The facts were uncovered by CMD and bravely reported by the Washington Post. There was still a heavy police presence at the Capitol on Thursday morning. He has also said he would like to hear from the whistleblower, along with House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff and Joe and Hunter Biden. Former employees, too, can essentially testify about whatever they want to, as the White House has almost no way to punish them for it, he said.

Jennifer Williams, a foreign policy aide to Vice President Mike Pence, and Army Lt. President was valid, and in some ways continued the work of the Mueller grand jury. Trump also conditioned a meeting with Zelenskiy at the White House on Zelenskiy publicly announcing the investigations Trump was seeking. Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

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